Does sugar cause acid reflux?

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I used to wonder-- Does sugar cause acid reflux? No, it doesn't cause it but it does worsen Gerd including worsening your symptoms.

Which is why it is best to have a low fat and sugar and high in protein diet if you have Acid Reflux.

Foods high in fat such as fried foods, fast foods and too many sweets can not only cause obesity (which is another culprit to Gerd) but it can further worsen your condition.

Having foods with sugar here and there may not have an effect on you. It is usually when it is consumed in excess that it becomes a problem.

My husband loves snacks and sweets as do I, so this was hard for us to tackle when it came to changing his diet. We usually have a snack/dessert in the evening after supper such as cookies or something of that sort.

This tackles his sweet tooth and helps him not to overdo it when he does get something sweet; keeping his acid reflux under control.

**When making desserts and meals I substitute the sugar for an natural sweetener called Stevia. I personally use the Steviva Brand.**

Also, when creating a sweet dessert I will usually add something that is soothing to acid reflux such as ginger, cinnamon, fennel, etc. Peanut butter and pumpkin seem to do well too.

For recipes you can visit dessert recipes for acid reflux. I add recipes weekly.

Acid Reflux can be controlled by following an acid reflux diet, whether it is one you have tailored to yourself personally from keeping a food diary or if it is a specific diet such as an alkaline diet (which is good for combating acid reflux and other system disease. For more on diet visit Acid Reflux Diet.

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